Leon hits low 7′s at Santa Pod European Finals 2010

In early september 2010 the F.I.A European Finals took place. This was where we wanted to get the first 6 second run for the JPS Supra.it was our first time to an event like this because im sure you know that we have always entered in the HKS Drag Series, so this was a good experiance for us and gave us more seating time in the car.
The first half of the year we were just chassis tuning so that the car would be able to put the power down without tyre shake and the car veiring off to the otherside of the track and thanks to John Webster at Webster Engineering this was complete . 
Then it was adding the power.Trying to get as much power out the engine aswell as reliability was not easy. But thanks to Dave Rowe from EPS we were able to this and get our personal best at the European Finals.

On the 9th of September was the  test day for the Sportsman classes in which we were in Super pro ET and our number was S-PRO 11.

RUN 1:
Index: 7.42
Time: 7.745 @ 178.44 mph

RUN 2:
Time: 7.584 @ 179.89 mph

RUN 3:
Index: 7.42
Time: 7.356 @ 183.50 mph

Index: 7.20
Time: 7.376 @ 182.04 mph

Index: 7.32
Time: 7.263 @ 183.52 mph (fastest time set)

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